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Hi my name is Vin Guarnieri. I am a young, ambitious, graphic designer with a vivid imagination and a knack for problem solving. After four years of school, I have achieved my Bachelors degree in Graphics, Multimedia and Web design from New England Institute of Technology. Working in the industry for 3 years, I have been able to utilize my skills to brand, market, and develop websites for a variety of clients. Through these experiences I have practiced and developed a wide range of design skills including graphic design, print design, illustration, 2D animation, 3D modeling, web design both HTML and WordPress, social media marketing, user interface/user experience design, and branding. Overall, my passion is in web design and branding but that will not stop me from taking on any challenge in need of a creative solution. No matter the level of difficulty, the world of design has no limit and neither do I.


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