My Intership 

While going through my bachelors program I interned at GTECH in Providence Rhode Island. It’s been such a rewarding experience to be able to be part of a huge company and make game concepts that they actually use today. I have learned so much about working in...

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WordPress RI Meetup

This week I went to a WordPress RI meetup at the Linchpin Agency  office. The Co-Organizers of this event were Aaron Ware of Linchpin and Colin of Providence Design Co. After going to a meetup the previous week that ended up into more of a social hour, I decided to my...

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The Build – CMS Portfolio

OVERVIEW: Sharing your website with someone is one thing, but actually going into detail about the process you went through really helps the viewer get an idea of how the site was made and the decisions i made. The majority of my site drew inspiration from the...

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Redbull Rebrand Time-Lapse Case Study

In my ui/ux class we were to seek out a brand that was dated and rebrand it with a new logo concept and package design. I chose Redbull because I felt as though their brand could use a face lift to better reflect who they are as brand and a product. I went with a more...

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Brand Identity Time-lapse Case Study

A time lapse of the design process I went threw when rebranding my self and creating a brand identity infographic. I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to complete this project. During the tail end of my Bachelors program I felt as though my logo didn’t...

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