Personal Branding Case Study


In the last quarter of my Bachelors degree, I felt as though my brand didn’t reflect my style and experience as a designer. So I decided once again to rebrand myself and take a completely new approach for my logo design. I wanted something that was more of a symbol and where the letters in my initials became one instead of two stylized together. My new logo concept needed to be able to stand on his own without my name under it, so once again I went back to the drawing board.

Current Brand:


Before moving forward with creating something new, I reflected on what I had currently so I could improve on it. Originally my logo was already minimal because I went with the a monologue style logo. I stylized the V and the G so the right / in the V extended into the top curve of the G. For what its the logo design was great but I knew there was better solution for my personal brand.



While conceptualizing I did some research on current logo trends and did a sufficient amount of Pinterest surfing. I found that most logos that were similar to my style were one unique symbol that was a combination of both initials. Most of these worked because the initials were basically the same shape so they worked perfectly. The problem with mine initials was the fact that the V was a triangle shape and the G was circular. While sketching I found that incorporating the G inside the V stylized in the shape of a triangle seemed to be the best if not only option for a solution.

Bringing it to Life:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.51.06 AM

Once I felt confident in my sketches I brought my concepts into Adobe Illustrator where I could vectorize them and bring my vision to life. In order to get a better feel for what worked and what didn’t, I traced over all of the sketches that had potential for a new logo. This process took a lot of thinking because of how precise every angle needed to be and mostly because I am a perfectionist. Struggling to figure out which designs were stronger than others, I called upon my classmates for a critique so I could narrow down a new logo. In the end I went with the concept that both everyone who voiced their opinion and myself were most drawn to.

Final Design:


Out of al the concepts I designed I felt drawn to this logo the most. My reason being is that I liked how geometrically sound this concept was and the fact that the symbol on its own represented both the V and the G equally. The triangle shaped logo had potential for all platforms of branding and also worked perfectly with my new portfolio design which initially pushed me to rebrand. My goal was finally achieved ¬†and I now had a strong logo didn’t just represent me, it was me.

Time-lapse Video

Project Overview:

Project Type: Branding

For: Me

Software: Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop


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