Red Bull Mobile App

Project Description

I decided in order to better my ui ux skills I decided to further my concept for a red bull app interface Initially my idea was to create a rewards system where anyone who buys a RedBull can download the app, scan the QR Code on the back of the can, and accrue points that can be redeemed for merchandise or enter into sweepstakes. However this idea lacked a sufficient means of consumer brand relations so to really separate RedBull from their competitors, I came up with the idea of a competitive video posting app. Since a majority of RedBull’s consumers are alternative athletes, I thought why not have them be able to compete in weekly challenges sponsored by RedBull. Athletes would simply login, look at the challenge which is based on preferred sport, then post a video of them preforming the challenge to their profile on the RedBull app.

Project Details

Client Self
Date 3/15/2016
Skills UI/UX
Software Sketch

Splash Screen

Rewards Screen

Profile Screen

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