Rebrand Case Study

Project Description:

To rebrand a previously successful energy drink and maximize the user experience for the millennial target demographic. Then apply a content marketing plan to boost Red Bull’s relationship marketing via a mobile app. I chose Red Bull because I believe Red Bull’s packaging and logo did not translate as an energy drink to a younger target audience.

Tommy is an avid skateboard/ snowboard, X Game aficionado. When he is choosing an energy drink, the present Red Bull packaging just feels old school. The new enhanced Red Bull logo and packaging will promote a premium energy drink choice while appealing to virile consumer aesthetics.


I first began with revamping the RedBull logo while sketching out all of my initial ideas. Currently RedBull’s logo was something that could easily be misinterpreted as either a car product brand or salsa brand. While I was rebranding I did want maintain the most prominent feature of the current logo which was the bull. I retained the head of the bull and wrapped in a circle to make for a more modern approach. As for the packaging design of RedBulls current original, sugar free, and zero calories; I wanted to steer away from something that looked like it belonged in your car and go for a premium minimal design.


Polished Roughs:

After presenting my initial sketches to the class I began to bring my rebrand to life in illustrator because I felt it would give a better image of where I was going with the rebrand. So I took inspiration from their flavored line and used a blue gradient to tin with minimal type for a sleeker state of the art bottle label. Once finished, I created a quick mockup of a bottle in Cinema 4D to provide a better visual representation of a new can design.

Time-lapse Video Case Study

Mobile Interface/Content Marketing:

After sharing the first iteration of my rebrand it was time to incorporate my content marketing plan into the form of a mobile app interface while continuing to polish up the logo design and package. Initially my idea was to create a rewards system where anyone who buys a RedBull can download the app, scan the QR Code on the back of the can, and accrue points that can be redeemed for merchandise or enter into sweepstakes. However this idea lacked a sufficient means of consumer brand relations so to really separate RedBull from their competitors, I came up with the idea of a competitive video posting app. Since a majority of RedBull’s consumers are alternative athletes, I thought why not have them be able to compete in weekly challenges sponsored by RedBull. Athletes would simply login, look at the challenge which is based on preferred sport, then post a video of them preforming the challenge to their profile on the RedBull app. For more information on the app click here Red Bull Application

Final Package Design:

While conceptualizing a content marketing plan, I took suggestions from the critique we had regarding my RedBull re brand  and moved forward with another iteration. One of the suggestions was that the bull was not red, which made sense seeing as the brand name was in fact RedBull. After playing around with a few different approaches, I found even a changing the eye color to red made the logo more fierce.  Once satisfied, I moved on to another iteration of the package design.  I went as minimal as possible to make for a sleek modern bottle that better represented a premium energy drink. Utilizing RedBull’s  well established color scheme, I colorized each can based on flavor; original, zero calorie, and sugar free drinks were the ones I started with.

Project Details

Client School Project
Date 09/10/2015
Skills Branding, UI/UX, 3D Modeling
Software Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Photoshop

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